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Phone I Skype I FaceTime I Home Visit for local clientele

Fees as of 6/1/2021

STANDARD CONSULTATION FOR NON-COMPLEX CASES - Diet Analysis and Nutrition Assessment I Weight Management I Sports Nutrition I Malnutrition (no need for close monitoring)

60 minute initial consultation: $220 (includes personalised recommendations, shopping list, meal suggestions)

Review Consultation - as below (time dependent) 

COMPLEX CASES - Breastfed babies I ADHD I Austism Spectrum Disorder I Nervous System Disorders (tics, anxiety, depression, restless legs) I Gastrointestinal Health I Chronic Fatigue

90 minute initial consultation:            $280 (includes personalised recommendations, shopping list, meal suggestions and 1 week of continuous support via access to online

                                                            interactive food and symptom diary, unlimited email and text)

30 minute review consultation:          $100

45 minute review consultation:          $145

60 minute review consultation:          $190

90 minute review consultation:          $280

120 minute review consultation:        $380


Many complex cases require daily support, especially during the initial weeks, and usually involve more than one family member (eg mother and baby, other children and parents with differing symptoms). If you would like the reassurance knowing that your questions will be answered without having to book a time, I recommend taking up this option for the length of time that you feel you need it. You can opt in, cancel or resume at anytime. The first week is provided with the initial consultation fee. Billing is weekly at $60 per week and will include the following:

  • Daily monitoring and feedback via online interactive food and symptom diary
  • Response to emails and text messages within 24 hours (usually within a few hours)
  • Close monitoring of baby's stools (for breastfeeding bubs) via text
  • Weekly summary and recommendations

PERSONALISED MENU PLAN (includes recipes)

2 week plan - $510


Consultation rate:                                                  $190/hour

2 hour Nutrition workshops for up to 5 carers:      $850 (includes food, recipes and nutrition handouts)


Most Australian health funds provide a rebate for visits to a private practice Accredited Practising Dietitian, please check with your health fund and level of cover


For clients who qualify for a Medicare benefit under the Medicare Benefits Schedule for an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan for chronic disease or complex care needs, a rebate of $54.60 is claimable after the full fee has been paid (must have referral and EPC from GP). Note, EPC offers up to 5 visits with an allied health professional per year.

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